Milking parlour systems

Fabdec’s range of milk cooling systems are proven milking solutions that can be installed to any milking parlour to improve efficiency and lower operating costs. Using the latest technology, the modular systems can be tailored to the specific farm requirements and work alongside existing parlour systems.

Automatic Footbath for Cows
This 200 litre stainless steel automatic footbath counts the cows before draining. The pneumatic drain is the full width of the bath to ensure the process works as quickly as possible. The bath is then rinsed and filled once again, either with water or with specialist hoof-care products. Two high capacity dosage pumps mean that 2 different products can be used or mixed as preferred. The bath has a rubber mat along its entire length for added comfort and it comes with dual-side plumbing to keep installation simple.

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Cluster Purge
Automatic Cluster Disinfection

Cluster Purge Plus is a proven automatic cluster cleaning system that disinfects every cow cluster safely after every cow, quicker than manual spray or dip systems. Cluster Purge significantly reduces the spread of contagious bacteria which if unchecked can affect the whole herd.

This new program gives the option of having a fresh water rinse after the disinfectant flush. This ensures the liners are clear of any chemical residues, thus prolonging the life of the liners. For swingover parlours there is also a milk sweep function that sends any remaining milk back into the milk line prior to flushing.

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Maintenance-free Milking Solutions

Fabdec offers a wide range of modular milking solutions for milking parlours. Each module can be installed and operated independently to allow a gradual and structured approach to the technical upgrade of any farm. The systems are based on the Free Flow sensor technology. Unlike conventional systems using a ‘fill and tip’ mechanism. Free Flow uses infra red technology which is highly reliable and totally maintenance-free.