Fabdec launches WXI Hi-Flo water heater with 3S technology

Tuesday, September 26, 2017
Heating products manufacturer Fabdec is delighted to announce the launch of its WXI Hi-Flo unvented water heater.

The WXI Hi-Flo has a new 28mm inlet and outlet fitting to accommodate either 400 or 500 litre vessels, making it ideal for high-end domestic or light commercial markets where there is a higher water demand or multiple-occupancy.

Stuart Doggrell, Fabdec general manager for water heating, said: “The WXI Hi-Flo builds on the success of products in our Fabdec Excelsior range but has been specifically developed to cater for higher throughput volumes, using our unique 3S Technology.”

This 3S Technology was pioneered by Fabdec and is a self-sustaining internal expansion system, adopting the Venturi principle in which atmospheric air is drawn into the system as water is demanded upstream. Because this occurs in accordance with hot water demand, it does not cause any deterioration in performance. The unique process means the internal air gap is permanently replenished, eradicating the need for recharging or regular servicing.

Stuart continues: “This latest innovation in our product line will allow us to provide this technology to new markets, including leisure, healthcare and hospitality. This is largely down to the maintenance saving but also thanks to convenience, as the water heaters are easy to install and simple to use.

“There are no internal, moving parts in the cylinder and once in place, there are no additional parts required. The absence of an external expansion vessel means the tank can fit into more compact installation spaces, which makes it ideal for everything from small guest houses right up to larger hotels and leisure facilities.

“The WXI Hi-Flo is a great demonstration of our commitment to ongoing research and development as well as the scalability and flexibility of our product range.”

The WXI Hi-Flo water heater is available now. To register interest, email stuart.doggrell@fabdec.com or call 01691 627 200.