Automatic clean, empty and replenish...

FOOT-WASH counts the cows, allows the used water to drain away, rinses and then refills the bath.
Wednesday, January 11, 2017
FOOT-WASH is the name of the new automated footbath for cows from Fabdec. The footbath, which holds up to 200 litres, is easy to operate and ensures consistent and effective hoof hygiene. It counts the cows and then allows the solution to drain away through a pneumatic valve at the base of the bath after the set number of cows have been through. The drain valve is the full width of the bath to ensure quick and complete drainage of the solution. Then the bath is automatically rinsed and refilled. It can be filled either with plain water or using a hoof-care product. FOOT-WASH comes with 2 high volume perestaltic pumps, meaning 2 different hoof-care products can be used in the water.

The footbath is made of stainless steel and the top is covered by rubber matting. Pipework for the water and the hoof-care products is on both sides of the bath to ensure an easy installation.